Understanding Leadlight Doors

Leadlight is a term given to decorative glass used for doors or windows. It refers to how the decorative glass is held together by using metallic dividing strips that can be made from lead or other metals. You might hear these metallic dividers being referred to as cames.

Clearing Up a Misconception

Even though you might find many people interchanging the terms leadlight doors/windows and stained glass windows/doors, there is a slight difference. You can come across:

  • Stained glass — A glass that is stained, but not held together by metallic dividing strips
  • Leadlight glass — A glass that is not stained, but is held together by metallic dividing strips

Simply put, glass can be referred to as stained glass as long as it is stained. It does not matter whether it is held together by dividing strips or not. Likewise, glass can be referred to as leadlight glass as long as it is held together by dividing strips. It does not matter whether it is stained or not.

Why Is Lead Used?

Lead is considered pliable and bendable. It usually envelops glass shapes easily and the outcome is something aesthetically appealing. Since some individuals might not want lead cames, probably because lead is considered hazardous when its dust is breathed, you have the choice of brass, zinc and copper cames.

Why Choose Leadlight Glass for Your Door or Windows?

The good thing about leadlight glass is that during its manufacture or production process, instead of using a whole glass panel, small pieces of glass are joined together. This means that if any debris, strong enough to break glass, impacts on your leadlight glass, it would only break a small section or piece of glass situated within the lead cames. This saves you money on the repair or replacement costs you would incur if a large undivided glass panel were to break.

Cames also help you achieve some designs that would not be achieved using undivided glass. This means that leadlight glass presents you with a wide variety of design options for different applications.

Leadlight Glass Repair

Depending on the damage, leadlight glass can either be repaired at your home or the leadlight glass repair workshop. If the repair is taking place at your home, it is important to keep away from the repair work area until it is complete. This protects you from getting injured or inhaling dangerous fumes.

To learn more about leadlight doors, consult a resource in your area.