External Window Treatments That Look Great And Are Practical, Too

When it comes to a home's window treatments, most people think about what will look good on the inside. As such, window treatments tend to be much more about the interior décor style of a home then its external aesthetic. Typical window treatments are things like Venetian blinds, curtains, and internal louvred shutters. However, there is a lot more that you can achieve with a window treatment if you work from the outside of your property. All of the following excellent examples will add a certain amount of style to your home as well as affording you a great deal of light control — just what you want from an effective window treatment.

Outdoor Roller Blinds

External roller blinds are increasingly popular among Australia's many homeowners these days. They are particularly effective if you have a north-facing aspect where the amount of sunlight that comes in is high during the summer months. In most cases, outdoor blinds work just like indoor ones, except they are made from fabrics which are more durable and able to withstand the elements. Many of today's manufacturers of external blinds provide motorised control systems so you don't need to lower them by hand. You can even have these systems automated so that they adjust themselves according to the amount of sun that is coming through.


A longer established external window treatment that still looks good over a patio area or a terrace is an awning. The great thing about awnings is that they provide a good deal of shade over your window as well as the area immediately in front of it. As such, they are particularly good choices if you have a glazed sliding patio door or, perhaps, a pair of French doors that lead out into your garden. Choose an awning fabric which has a darker material since this will soak up more of the energy of the sun and keep you cooler inside.

External Shutters

Particularly attractive if you happen to live in an older property, external shutters are made in a variety of materials. Classic wooden ones are robust and can shut out all of the light that might otherwise flow into your home. This helps to maintain the temperature inside and could also lower your utility bills because you switch on your air-conditioning less often. However, once a pair of shutters have been latched together, they have another benefit. Secured from the inside, they make your home extremely secure and will prevent even the most determined of intruders from breaking in.