Why Fit Your Windows With Plantation Shutters?

If you are looking for high-quality window treatments that will look great in your home or office, then you should consider the advantages of fitting plantation shutters. These types of shutters are excellent in many situations and offer a timeless, classy look that will fit in with virtually any interior design style you happen to favour. As well as their flexibility, there are plenty of other benefits you'll enjoy by installing plantation shutters. What are they?

Better Privacy

When you fit plantation shutters over your windows, you will be able to adjust their slats so that you can't be seen from outside. If you want complete privacy, then you can achieve this within a fraction of a second. Equally, if you want more light to flow in when you are not subject to prying eyes, then you can obtain it without any delays. This means that plantation shutters are particularly advantageous in buildings that are close to public areas where many passers-by might look in.

Improved Security

If you want to keep your property secure, then plantation shutters provide a highly desirable level of security, among their other features. When they are pulled across your windows and secured with a hasp and staple, you will have a physical barrier between the inside and the outside that is virtually impenetrable. What's more, you can enjoy this level of security even when your windows are left open.

Better Aeration

Because you can keep your home secure with plantation shutters while your windows are left open, your home or office will be much better aerated as a result. Simply leaving windows on their latch will only allow a minimal amount of ventilation. However, you can open them fully with the shutters pulled across, which means your home will remain cooler and less susceptible to damp air — something that can lead to unwanted condensation and mould building up inside.

Augmented Insulation

All buildings lose heat in the winter via their windows. Even the best-made double-glazing units will transfer heat from inside to outside when it is cold. However, with plantation shutters, such thermal losses are much less pronounced so you end up spending less on heating. In the summer, your shutters will also help to block out heat from the sun so there is less money that needs to be expended running your air conditioning. Therefore, not only do plantation shutters represent a financial investment, but they will also help to reduce your carbon footprint.