Using a double hung design for your double glazed windows

Double glazed windows need no introduction. They feature a double pane design that offers excellent noise insulation, security and stability to the home. If you 're considering going double glazed, take things a step further by installing a double hung design to your windows.

Double hung windows feature a double window pane, with one being on top of the other. This creates a tall, visible window that can be controlled to maximize airflow.

Double hung windows with double glazed panels offer a classic, timeless look to your home. They can fit multiple types of décor while still offering the benefits of double glazing. Here's how a double hung design can elevate the double glazed windows in your home.

1. Allow more airflow into the home

While double glazed windows provide excellent insulation to the home, the double hung design also makes it easier for you to open or close the windows for fresh air. The top and bottom sash open independently of each other, giving you more control over air circulation in the home. And because the windows are double glazed, you still get to enjoy the stability and security of double glazing.

2. A more beautiful design

Few people can deny how classic and elegant double hung windows are. These large windows look attractive from the inside and outside, and they can be customised with multiple colours and finishes.

The larger windows make unique double glazing glass panels to appear stylish and elegant. And because you can choose from multiple colours of double glazed windows, the double hung design accentuates your home décor and finishing material. You can also select custom shapes and sizes that fit perfectly into your home.

3. A durable frame for additional security

For a double hung window design to hold up double glazed panels, the surrounding frame and sash need to be strong enough. Most double hung window frames are designed to be durable, to withstand inclement weather, and to remain structurally sound. By adding double glazed panels, you will add an extra layer of durability, security and noise insulation to your home.

4. The double glazed windows provide energy efficiency

You may be concerned about a double hung window design leaking air and resulting in higher energy consumption. However, adding double glazed panels to this window structure can help you save on energy costs. In particular, double glazing prevents leaking air from flowing out of your home and thus makes your HVAC system more efficient.

In this way, you can enjoy both the beautiful design of double hung windows and the efficiency of double glazed panels.