Tips for keeping your tinted windows clean

If you've decided to tint your windows, you've taken a big step towards increasing privacy in your car, the durability of your windows, and the security of your possessions. Indeed, car window tinting provides much more than just aesthetic appeal. Once installed, tinted windows are quite easy to maintain.

However, tint is not damage proof. You will need to clean the tint film from time to time to prevent it from getting damaged. Here are several tips for keeping your tinted windows clean.

Avoid rolling the windows up and down soon after installation

When tint film is applied to the car windows, an adhesive film is used to adhere the tint to your glass. The adhesive will take some time to cure, so it is important to keep your windows rolled up for a few days after installation. Constantly opening and closing the windows may cause the adhesive to peel off.

Avoid abrasives or ammonia cleaning products

It is a good idea to regularly clean your tinted windows from stains and dirt. You should wait for at least a week after application of the tint before you begin cleaning. While your previous windows could handle almost any cleaning agent, make sure you avoid cleaning products that contain ammonia when dealing with tinted windows.

Ammonia can interfere with the adhesive and cause the tint to peel off. In addition, avoid scrubbing the tint on the windows when cleaning. Blades and other sharp scrubbing objects can physically dislodge your tint. Instead, use foam cleansers and a soft cloth or paper towels to clean the window surface. 

Watch for scratches and chips to the film

When dealing with tinted windows, watch closely for any damages to the frame or the tint material. A small crack or chip can easily spread and damage the entire glass, including the film itself. If you notice any small chips to the window, have them repaired before they spread.

Keep children and pets away from the film

If you have children, your new tinted windows will be something they're likely to be excited about. They will often be tempted to play with the film by scratching it, pulling on it, and even drawing shapes on the window.

In addition, pets such as dogs tend to scratch the windows as the car is moving. Keep a close eye on your children when in the car, especially if the tint is still fresh.