Ways Roller Shutters Help a Home

If you want to make your home more secure, you might consider installing roller shutters on the windows. These window coverings will also help your house in various other ways. Read on to discover more.


A burglar can't push through the walls of your house to get inside. So they typically use weak entry points such as windows. A fragile glass windowpane is much more vulnerable to attack than bricks or weatherboards. Roller shutters fix this situation, as they cover your window with a metal barrier that fits within the window frame and over the glass. It's not easy for a trespasser to get through these solid metal covers.

Thus, your home will be more burglar-proof in the evenings when you go out and when you're away on holiday. Shutters come in manual and automatic models that you can operate from a central panel or a hand-held device. So if you're ever nervous at night or you hear unusual sounds in the garden, you can simply wind down the roller shutters remotely, keeping you safe and snug inside.

Energy Efficiency

Just like glass window panes are easy for burglars to get past, they're also simple for solar heat to penetrate and bake your rooms in summer. Indoor window coverings don't prevent the sun from warming up the glass. Curtains and blinds simply try to block the heat once the glass windows have already absorbed it. On the other hand, roller shutters are efficient because they cover the window's exterior, preventing it from absorbing heat in the first place. 

Some roller shutters are also filled with insulating materials, so they help your home to remain at a constant indoor temperature. With a naturally cooler house, you can rely less on air conditioning and reduce your carbon footprint. A more energy-efficient home will be more attractive to potential buyers if you intend to sell it in the future.

Design Options

Roller shutters come in different colours, some being two-toned, and they let you create various effects on the façade. You might repeat the colour of the exterior walls if you want the shutters to appear unobtrusive. Otherwise, create an accent. For example, if your walls are a pale sand colour, you could install dark blue shutters. You may also match the shutters to the window trim. Thus, you'll have plenty of options to create an kerb view by harmonising the building colours.