Which window for your home?

Whether you intend to build a new home, refurbish an existing house or just replace your old windows, you will be confronted with an assortment of window choices and alternatives. From all the options for size, location, function, style, operation, finish, material and assembly, you may feel overwhelmed. So, the following are some of the window choices you should consider, particularly in respect to function and operation.

Double and single-hung windows

Both the double and single-hung windows are very common window types. With double-hung windows, they are made of two separate sashes that are suspended in a frame. The sashes, located at the base and top section respectively, can slide upwards and downwards within the frame. With the single-hung window, only one sash is moveable. If you fancy a traditional style to your home, you may consider either a double or single-hung window. The distinct nature and perpendicular sections of these window types fit in well in a style that employs conventional roof forms like the gable and windows which are arranged one by one as opposed to a continuous set.

Sliding windows

Also known as the gliding window, the sliding window functions in the same way as a double-hung window. The key difference is that the sash slides horizontally instead of vertically. Given that a sliding window normally has a uniquely horizontal section, these windows are ideal for ranch homes and other styles that highlight horizontality. Sliding windows are definitely ideal for homes that already have horizontal proportions in place, and you only need to extend the amount of glass for the sunlight and view.

Casement windows

This is a window type that features a single sash that is connected to a frame on one flank. A hinge is used to create the attachment, making the window to swing akin to a door. However, note that a casement window only swings out. As a result, it should be positioned far from traffic areas. You don't want to be hit in the head by an open casement window when going into your kitchen to prepare a meal. Since casement windows feature only a single sash, they can be matched together so that all the glass panes form a single plane. This affords a cleaner and more modern look to these panes, even when designed with old trim and pane designs. Casement windows are suited to either traditional or modern styled homes.