Creating Shade at a Rental Property: Tips for Renters

You've rented a house, but unfortunately, there is not any shade in the back garden. If you owned the house, you'd love to build a back porch with a roof, but that isn't a possibility in a rental. Want to get a bit of a reprieve from the sun's hot rays without making permanent alterations to the house? There are solutions. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Erect a canopy.

A canopy is a great way to shade a patio or part of the yard at a rental. Many canopies even come with sides that you can roll down and use to keep out bugs, and they are often large enough to fit in a outdoor dining room or lounge area.

In lieu of a canopy, consider a metal-frame gazebo with fabric installed over it to provide shade. These are available at many patio furniture shops.

2. Put up a retractable awning.

A retractable awning connects to your home, but it doesn't create any lasting damage. In most cases, retractable awnings come in metal boxes. These long vertical boxes can be attached to brick or wood exterior walls with just a few screws. That means that you can put up an awning on the house, but when you remove it, you just have to fill a few holes, and everything looks basically the same. Check with your landlord before installing an awning to make sure they don't mind.

Alternatively, you could offer to leave the awning at the home when you move it. As it adds value to the property, your landlord may welcome the addition.

3. Consider a temporary awning.

In addition to retractable and permanent awnings, you can find temporary awnings. These do not connect to the house or permanently change it in any way. They be connected to telescoping poles or to other temporary structures. You can put up a temporary awning while you live in the rental and then take it with you when you move.

4. Embrace spot shading.

Instead of putting a large shade over your patio area, consider sprinkling some spot shading throughout your garden in the places you use. Place a sun umbrella over the kids' sandbox, invest in a shade for your patio table, or buy a freestanding patio swing with a canopy attached to it.

Want more ideas on creating shade at a house you are renting? Contact a professional in the shade and awning industry.