Selecting the Perfect Casement Windows for Your Home

If you are thinking about improving the windows in your home, you should consider installing casement windows. These are designed and built with hinges on the side to attach to the wall opening. Therefore, the window is easy to operate, since it can swung open inwards or outwards, depending on the style. In addition, casement windows are perfect for enhancing natural ventilation in the building. They can be opened completely or angled to direct the breeze into the interior space. There are numerous types of casement window products in the market, so choosing your home's fit can be daunting. Here are some factors to help you make the right decision with more ease.

Frame Material

The framing material is an important element in as casement window because it supports the weight of the glass pane. Your choice will determine the durability of your new windows and their susceptibility to accidental damage. Aluminium frames are ideal for modern homes in terms of aesthetics. They will resist corrosion in moist environments, and they are not prone to significant tarnishing. However, you should note that some aluminium frames are lightweight, so high impact or pressure can cause damage. Timber frames are appealing and will provide strong and reliable service after installation. Ensure that the surfaces are treated against moisture and pest damage before purchase. Plastic frames are cheap, weatherproof and often strong. Still, you should inquire about the properties of each type of plastic before purchase.


The window glazing in your casement windows should promote energy efficiency and visual aesthetics. Therefore, you should evaluate different aspects of the glass panes in the market before selecting your products. First, ensure that the glass panes are double or triple-glazed. These are designed in connected sheets with an interlayer of argon to improve thermal insulation. Second, consider choosing security glass because it resists impact considerably and does not compromise safety when broken. Both toughened and laminated glass panes are ideal. Third, you can choose treatments to control light and privacy flow when the curtains are drawn. For example, you can purchase tinted or even reflective glass.

Opening Mechanism

There are different mechanisms that can be installed to operate the casement windows. The right choice for your home should improve your convenience when opening and closing. Cranking systems are advantageous because they reduce the amount of force required to open the windows. You can also choose lever and cam handles if these are to your liking. Ensure that the mechanism has strong stays to support open windows.