Understanding Leadlight Doors

Leadlight is a term given to decorative glass used for doors or windows. It refers to how the decorative glass is held together by using metallic dividing strips that can be made from lead or other metals. You might hear these metallic dividers being referred to as cames. Clearing Up a Misconception Even though you might find many people interchanging the terms leadlight doors/windows and stained glass windows/doors, there is a slight difference. [Read More]

External Window Treatments That Look Great And Are Practical, Too

When it comes to a home's window treatments, most people think about what will look good on the inside. As such, window treatments tend to be much more about the interior d├ęcor style of a home then its external aesthetic. Typical window treatments are things like Venetian blinds, curtains, and internal louvred shutters. However, there is a lot more that you can achieve with a window treatment if you work from the outside of your property. [Read More]

Using a double hung design for your double glazed windows

Double glazed windows need no introduction. They feature a double pane design that offers excellent noise insulation, security and stability to the home. If you 're considering going double glazed, take things a step further by installing a double hung design to your windows. Double hung windows feature a double window pane, with one being on top of the other. This creates a tall, visible window that can be controlled to maximize airflow. [Read More]

Tips for keeping your tinted windows clean

If you've decided to tint your windows, you've taken a big step towards increasing privacy in your car, the durability of your windows, and the security of your possessions. Indeed, car window tinting provides much more than just aesthetic appeal. Once installed, tinted windows are quite easy to maintain. However, tint is not damage proof. You will need to clean the tint film from time to time to prevent it from getting damaged. [Read More]