Different Blinds to Consider When Looking to Soundproof Your Home

You are surrounded by sounds every single day. From birds chirping in the morning to kids playing outside and even traffic whizzing past your residence. But while some sounds can be considered soothing, others can be highly distracting. And in the current era where more and more people are working from home, living by a busy street, road or even airport can be detrimental to your productivity. While audio proofing your entire residence may be a great way to block these noises, it is not a cheap endeavour.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that if you have a limited budget then you need to tolerate these loud noises. A more affordable option would be investing in new window treatments! Blinds, in particular, have an uncanny ability to mitigate how much noise will filter into your residence. While not all window treatments have this ability, here are different types of blinds to consider when looking to soundproof your home.

1. Cellular blinds

What you may be unaware of regarding sound, and noises in general is that is filters into and out of your home via air. Cellular blinds are a great insulator since their unique honeycomb structures impeded this movement of air. The honeycomb cells within the cellular blinds function to trap air somewhat and as a result, the noises that are coming from the outdoors get blocked in transit.

For enhanced sound insulation, you can opt for multiple layers in your cellular blinds, which integrate more honeycomb cells and, subsequently, block more sound! Take note, this is not the only advantage of cellular blinds. If you are looking to limit the amount of radiant heat being absorbed into your home, the honeycomb cells block this too, so the interiors of your home can stay cooler during the summer.

2. Roman blinds

If you prefer the aesthetic of curtains but you are looking to make the most of the advantages that blinds will offer, you could be thinking that you are limited to pairing curtains with blinds but this is not the case. A great solution for this scenario would be installing roman blinds. What makes these types of blinds are great insulator against unwanted noises in the home is their characteristic dense fabric.

When installed, roman blinds are not only great at preventing sounds from filtering into your home but they are also great at keeping the noise in your home from disturbing your neighbours! An added advantage of roman blinds is that they are great at blocking out the sun too. As a result, they are better suited to bedrooms, more so if you work night shifts and would rather not be disturbed in the morning since they will block out both sounds and sunlight. Consequently, you get to enjoy better sleep!