Home Improvement: Maintaining Your Aluminium Windows for a Prolonged Lifespan

Aluminium windows are ideal for residential installation because they are highly durable. The metal is quite sturdy and is not vulnerable to rusting like steel. Also, aluminium is malleable, which means that you will find diverse designs. The windows are inexpensive, and you can renew them by refinishing the frames.

It is essential to note that the performance and durability of your aluminium features will depend on your maintenance practices. If you are not sure about the right care practices, you should consider using the outlined guidelines for ideal results.

Cleaning the Frames

Regular cleaning of aluminium window frames will promote the appeal of your home. Also, the features will become more resistant to corrosion and pitting when free of damaging dirt and grime. The process of cleaning is simple, and it does not require specialised equipment. Start the work by removing the dust particles using a duster or vacuum. Next, mix up a pH neutral cleaning solution or soapy water. Dip a cloth in the water or spray the product on the frames and wash the windows. When satisfied with the results, rinse the surface with clean water and dry. You should never use an abrasive cloth for the task. 

Lubricating the Window

After washing the window frames, you should consider applying a silicone lubricant on the surface. This material will form a protective layer over the metal, limiting the risk of corrosion. However, this process is not essential if your windows are specially coated. You can also use car wax on the frames to improve the appeal of the material. Also, you should use a penetrating lubricant to improve the condition of the locks attached to your aluminium windows. The oil will prevent the springs in the mechanism from seising up and interfering with smooth operation. Additionally, it is prudent to give the hinges the same oiling treatment to ensure smooth motion. 

Repairing Scratches

Aluminium windows can sustain scratches due to rough handling, accidents or cleaning with abrasive tools. If this happens, you should perform immediate repairs. Negligence of the problem will result in the escalation of the coating damage and corrosion of the interior metal. If your window frames are powder coated, you can use spray paint of the same colour to reseal the affected area. If the windows are anodised, you can repair the surface with aluminium resin.

With proper maintenance practices, your aluminium window frames will provide an extended service life. Contact companies like Action Glass & Aluminium for more tips concerning aluminum windows.